SAF-T: Compiling and submitting in Ukraine


We are among the first consultants in the Ukrainian market to offer clients assistance in compiling and submitting Standard Audit File reporting in Ukraine. Our offer combines the efforts of our in-house team, the resources of our technical partners and EU consultants who have years of experience working with SAF-T.

Standardized reporting through SAF-T has become a pivotal element in modern financial reporting worldwide. Ukraine is no exception, as it introduces this format to simplify the submission of accounting information for companies to government authorities.

The implementation of SAF-T in Ukraine will be gradual. Currently, the requirement for the formation and submission of standardized files is applicable only to large taxpayers.

As of the beginning of 2024, the application of this format in Ukraine is limited. Several pilot projects involving businesses and tax administration are still in the implementation stage. Therefore, the proposal combining LUCAS’s local knowledge and deep experience of our partners will be a good suite for companies especially in this transition period.

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